Washington Business Journal’s Book of Lists Unveiling Party

ART (n.noun)
The conscious use of the imagination in the production of objects intended to be contemplated or appreciated as beautiful, as in the arrangement of forms, sounds, or words.

The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

When considering the definition of ‘art’, it seems perfectly and abundantly clear to me that every event we produce as designers should be considered art. It also appeared to be quite a fitting theme for this year’s Washington Business Journal’s Book of Lists Unveiling Party at the National Building Museum. Whether you consider art as visual, sculptural, visceral, theatrical, poetic, or lyrical, the overall concept for the evening was designed to focus on celebrating the beauty of the imagination by creating an environment with visual appeal and creative, artistic energy.

Blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with Ridgewell’s Catering and the Washington Business Journal, the decision was made to split the three courts of the National Building Museum into three separate, artistic environments. The goal was to create a fully submersive experience for the guests and each court would adapt different facets of art and its various characteristics.

As guests entered the West Court, they were fully immersed in an outdoor, pristine sculpture garden. The area was fully dressed in rich emerald green and luxurious taupe. Boxwood cubes with custom routed wood garden covers were made and statuesque ballerinas graced their platforms. For Syzygy, we had the pleasure of greeting guests at our new Waterfall and River Rock Bar – and yes, it really does have a real-life waterfall feature in the front of both the bar and back bar! This area was organic. It was natural and sculptural, and in my opinion, a very simple display of the calm and uncomplicated facets of art.

Upon arriving in the Center Court, guests were meant to be transported to the interior of a sleek and contemporary art museum. A classic white and black color palette was the base of the design for this section, however throughout the room were vibrant pops of neon and energetic colors. This area also included a special display, “Gallery 85”, a custom graffiti art exhibit for Ridgewell’s Catering, which featured vibrant handcrafted pieces, made in fact, by a staff member from their company. This area was sophisticated, mainstream and a great depiction of the freshness of art in our modern world.

The last court, East Court, was dedicated to a completely different environment – an eclectic coffeeshop. With this new atmosphere came a whole new energy for the space – an effortless and relaxed bohemian spirit. This area’s color palette was uncomplicated and fun – a combination of mixed metals, stained wood, and rich jewel tones all created a chic lounge for the hip crowd of guests, and what I hoped, a lasting final impression for the evening’s artistic production.

-Mandy Wasielczyk, Event Designer

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