Syzygy’s Premiere Event in Nashville: As We Begin the Launch of Syzygy South!

What an exciting time for our company! We have the opportunity to become one of the prominent event design company’s in Nashville with our premiere at the Nashville Ballet Ball at the stunning Schermerhorn Symphony Hall. Our team traveled by car, plane and truck to the beautiful southern city of Nashville.

We were greeted with open arms by Ballet Ball Chair, Melissa Mahanes and her team. Clean, sleek and green were her wishes, not fussy and frilly. So we did just that and created an event that we were so proud of!

The guests arrived and were greeted by an elegant, candlelit tree lined path, with hundreds of candles glowing overhead in the branches. Silver lanterns glowed along the green carpet pathway to the entrance to create a stunning entrance to the gala.

Inside, soft sheer drapery and boxwood walls with the Ballet’s logo greeted guests during the cocktail party. Beautiful ballerinas stood lovely and posed on platforms surrounding the room, slowly transitioning from pose to pose like elegant garden statues.

Inside the ballroom, the dinner glowed with thousands of candles, as our Lucite shadowbox tables created an elegant statement in the center of the room. Each table was filled with mood moss, green glass in swirled patterns and succulents, which created quite a feast for the guests’ eyes.

The table settings, linens and flowers completed the look in the room and five projection screens on the stage set were perfection in showcasing the beautifully choreographed ballet performance.  Special guest star, Clare Bowen, sang her Grand Old Opry debut song as the ballet danced in the background. A John Oats performance completed the evening.

We were thrilled to partner with the Nashville Ballet and Melissa Mahanes on this amazing event. What a wonderful way to start our Nashville experience. It truly was a memorable experience.

Julie Shanklin

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