How To Decorate for New Year’s Eve

We loved starting today by joining the women of Let’s Talk Live with a few tips on how to decorate for your New Year’s Eve Party. For today’s set up we were inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 “Marsala.”

It’s a beautiful deep wine tone that pairs so well with rose gold and strawberry ice!
In case you missed the segment here is a recap of Julie’s Tips:

1. You can quickly dress up a room by changing the drapes. Get some festive fabric and put a quick seem in using iron on hem tape.
2. Balloons with tassel strings are a really fun way to fill up the space quickly and bring in some complimentary colors.
3. Flowers on your table are another great way to tie in your color palette. We are all obsessed with these Marsala colored peonies!
4. New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for a few champagne cocktails. Offer your guests a few simple cocktails they can make themselves. For the guys a few options for whiskey is a great addition to your beer and wine.
5. Finally end the night by sending guests on their way with a donut and coffee. Even if they don’t eat them that night they will love them in the morning!

All of our shopping was done in the DMV! You can recreate this look just a few steps outside your door…
Glassware – Crate & Barrel and Home Goods
Table Accents – Crate & Barrel and Anthropology
Champagne & Whiskey – ACE Beverage
Flowers – Edge Flowers
Donuts – Astro Donuts

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Tips for Wrapping a Present

Here at Syzygy, we believe that presentation of a gift is just as important as the gift itself. So with Mother’s Day around the corner, we decided to share a quick how to that includes all of our favorite tips to make sure your gift looks as crisp and clean as possible.

1.    Gather Materials HTWAP 1

o   Paper

o   Tape – regular or double sided

o   Sharp scissors

o   Ribbon

Before your start cut (5) 1” pieces of tape and adhere them in place that you will have easy access during the wrapping.

2.    Measure paperHTWAP 2

o   Delicately flip the box over so the bottom is facing up

o   Unroll your wrapping paper and lay your gift upside down on the paper. Take the end of the paper and bring it up to the top edge of your gift box.  

o   Bring the roll of paper up against the opposite side of you gift box and measure where the paper would come to the top edge of your gift box. You can mark the paper with a pencil to help guide you while you are cutting.


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No Reservations Needed

For about 7 years now, my husband and I have discovered that Valentine’s Day is so much better spent at home than out on the town. We can skip the pre-fixe menus, the packed restaurants, and the usual structure of a typical Valentines’ Day dinner date.

colorsJulie and I have collaborated on some of our favorite event designs and some simple tips to show your Valentine a special evening without any reservations.


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