Food Trucks!

Food Trucks are one of those trends that has stayed popular for quite a while.  When it started we had no idea we’d fall so in love with Food Truck Design.  I definitely helps that the food truck community keeps raising the bar in design and experience!

“Food should be fun.”  Thomas Keller

For as long as we can remember Food Trucks have represented one of the most fun food experiences.  Remember the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile? They are small spaces that pack a big punch for your senses. We always have a good time when we bring Food Truck Facades to an event. We are hoping to find some adventurous clients this year that will let us remake the look of our trucks to something a little more playful.  Check out our Pinterest Board for some of the best Inspiration!

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Sentimental Home Decorating: Creating a Wall of Memories

WallMy life as a mom of four children flew by. It seemed like yesterday when they were all just babies, and now they are all grown up. Over the years, countless art projects came home from school, camp and other places. While I loved them, I didn’t know what to do with them. So they were in a trunk with other memories. One day, when trying to figure out what to do with this big wall on my back staircase, it came to me: I could create my own beautiful art gallery.

I slowly started to get each piece of homemade art matted and framed. In my eyes, they treeflowerwere all masterpieces and captured a beautiful memory from the past. Once the wall was started, it quickly came to life. To further add to it, I added artwork from local artists that we had collected from family travels that held additional memories of time together. Now my beautiful grandchildren are adding to my gallery, which I consider the best gift ever!


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Shark Frenzy 5th Birthday Party!

It is definitely exhausting to have to Imagehe was thrilled with the idea of having  a pool party with friends. So for Piers’ 5th we threw a shark frenzy birthday party.

ImageUsing several rental items from our inventory, a few homemade desserts, and a couple quick online orders (in true ‘last minute’ fashion, overnight everything!), I pulled together an underwater event for 20 kiddies.


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