A Change in Corporate Decor.

It’s hard to tell if the open-office model will be here to stay in corporate America, but we are embracing the change of pace using comfortable décor at corporate events.

Corporations are changing and evolving to attract a Gen X work force that thrives on innovation, technology and creativity. Employees previously locked in their cubicles, pacing beige painted hallways with berber carpet, and eating bagged lunches inside sterile breakrooms now long for a place of comfort and inspiration to increase morale and productivity. As a result, employers like Google, Facebook, and American Express are embracing zany offices spaces where shared desks and bean bags by the meeting room windows have become the norm. In Google’s Chelsea office, the hallways are decked out in NYC “Google from the block” fashion, complete with subway grates and fire hydrants. Rows of cubicles have been replaced with more transparent workspaces. Even Syzygy has embraced this “shared space” design at our corporate office where our designers work side by side and are encouraged to interact and collaborate throughout the workday.

Likewise, over the last couple years, more and more corporate event planners are seeking décor from Syzygy that creates a space intentionally designed for comfortable interaction, laid-back collaboration, and functionality that is anything but boring.To answer the call, we have boosted our inventory with beautiful white, black and brown leather couches, high back chairs, shag rugs, branded pillows, and trendy end tables and chairs.



Another trend (which we hope will continue) is a move towards using recyclable “green” products that are less taxing on our environment. At a recent event a vast amount of printed signage was produced with falconboard ( Made with SFI certified, all natural, renewable virgin and post-consumer recycled fibers). And, we slept well at night knowing we did our part to cut down on waste and use materials that are friendlier to Mother Nature.

It’s hard to tell if the open-office model will be here to stay in corporate America, but we are embracing the change of pace using comfortable décor at corporate events. What’s your take on shared office spaces? Do you like a more formal setting, or does a collaborative environment yield results in your profession? Let us know in the comments!

By: JAIME HARDWICK, Business Development Manager – Nashville

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Washington Business Journal’s Book of Lists Unveiling Party

ART (n.noun)
The conscious use of the imagination in the production of objects intended to be contemplated or appreciated as beautiful, as in the arrangement of forms, sounds, or words.

The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

When considering the definition of ‘art’, it seems perfectly and abundantly clear to me that every event we produce as designers should be considered art. It also appeared to be quite a fitting theme for this year’s Washington Business Journal’s Book of Lists Unveiling Party at the National Building Museum. Whether you consider art as visual, sculptural, visceral, theatrical, poetic, or lyrical, the overall concept for the evening was designed to focus on celebrating the beauty of the imagination by creating an environment with visual appeal and creative, artistic energy.

Blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with Ridgewell’s Catering and the Washington Business Journal, the decision was made to split the three courts of the National Building Museum into three separate, artistic environments. The goal was to create a fully submersive experience for the guests and each court would adapt different facets of art and its various characteristics.

As guests entered the West Court, they were fully immersed in an outdoor, pristine sculpture garden. The area was fully dressed in rich emerald green and luxurious taupe. Boxwood cubes with custom routed wood garden covers were made and statuesque ballerinas graced their platforms. For Syzygy, we had the pleasure of greeting guests at our new Waterfall and River Rock Bar – and yes, it really does have a real-life waterfall feature in the front of both the bar and back bar! This area was organic. It was natural and sculptural, and in my opinion, a very simple display of the calm and uncomplicated facets of art.

Upon arriving in the Center Court, guests were meant to be transported to the interior of a sleek and contemporary art museum. A classic white and black color palette was the base of the design for this section, however throughout the room were vibrant pops of neon and energetic colors. This area also included a special display, “Gallery 85”, a custom graffiti art exhibit for Ridgewell’s Catering, which featured vibrant handcrafted pieces, made in fact, by a staff member from their company. This area was sophisticated, mainstream and a great depiction of the freshness of art in our modern world.

The last court, East Court, was dedicated to a completely different environment – an eclectic coffeeshop. With this new atmosphere came a whole new energy for the space – an effortless and relaxed bohemian spirit. This area’s color palette was uncomplicated and fun – a combination of mixed metals, stained wood, and rich jewel tones all created a chic lounge for the hip crowd of guests, and what I hoped, a lasting final impression for the evening’s artistic production.

-Mandy Wasielczyk, Event Designer

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From the Desk of Mandy Wasielczyk

As an event designer, I am blessed with the opportunity to work and collaborate with extremely talented and immensely creative clients. It’s certainly one of the facets of my career that I enjoy the most. In the current event industry, there is certainly no shortage of exponentially passionate individuals either which makes our work here at Syzygy Events so rewarding!

I couldn’t have been more excited when Blythe Swift of Ridgewell’s Catering, a dear client of mine, reached out in regards to the design and décor for her client’s upcoming fall event at Tudor Place.  I was beaming with excitement as she shared her vision and inspiration photos for the day: an elegant fall picnic with a touch of fun with the infusion of a tailgating theme.


The fall season we are so beautifully surrounded by became such a huge inspiration for the overall look. And tailgating? One might argue that there are not many things that are more American and autumnal than the presence of football right now! The end product was beyond what I ever imagined it to be.

Classic, rustic pieces were the backbone of the design.

We featured aged wine barrels as cabaret tables and a beautiful bar in the tent. Natural-stained Adirondack chairs and benches with richly fabricated pillows created an intimate seating area for adults while herringbone wool blankets topped with an abundance of various textured pillows created more relaxed spots to hang out and oversee the custom-crafted corn hole game on the manicured lawn. Everything was balanced in a rich autumnal color palette with creamy neutrals, matte golds, brunt oranges, and deep rusts.

While capturing the elegance of a fall picnic posed an easy feat, incorporating the playfulness of the tailgating component proved to be a little more challenging. I am a strong believer in always creating a statement piece for your event, something that sets it apart from every other experience for the guests. I truly think the collaboration and creation of our football-inspired buffet table did just that. It was the focal piece of the tent – erected on top of our walnut-stained wood slatted bar, the woodshop and production team truly created an eye-catching top that featured an astro turf top, white stenciled hash marks and yard markers, and even a set of goal posts! What a backdrop to display the food!

In the end, it truly was a beautiful fall picnic and definitely a celebration of autumn (I just wish I could have stayed for a mimosa and s’mores treat!). Another fantastic collaboration for Syzygy Events! Cheers and happy fall!

– Mandy Wasielczyk

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