Invest in Your Employees!

When you work as hard as we do at Syzygy, sometimes you just need to take a break!

TahoeOur team is the most dedicated crew in the industry. They work endless hours for days, weeks, sometimes months at a time. To show our thanks, last year we started the tradition of taking a trip together – allowing us to mix a little bit of business with some much needed relaxation.

After a wonderful time in Florida last year, we decided to make it an annual occurrence. The only things that changed were the location – Lake Tahoe – and this time it was purely for leisure and a much needed break!

Lake Tahoe proved to be stunning and provided our team exactly what we needed. We rented a beautiful house that had room for everyone – all 17 of us. Yes, we said 17!  It was like herding cats getting that many people onto a plane with their bulking winter clothing stuffed into luggage as well as their ski and snowboard equipment! Tahoe2

Once we arrived and settled in, we spent the majority of our time unwinding – cooking and hanging out. We started every day with a hardy breakfast and then hit the beautiful slopes of Heavenly Ski Resort.

We bonded while making our way down the green circles, blue squares and double black diamond slopes though some of us found themselves traveling down the mountain face first.  Steins was a favorite lunchtime stop with their soup, chili and bratwurst that helped us warm up. And of course, there were lots of cocktails. Yes, they served cocktails to people who planned to ski down the mountain! I believe the drink of choice was the ‘Dirty Snowman.’

In the evening we often just sat by the fireplace,, laughing with each other and having the time of our lives. At the end of exhausting days, we just sat and did nothing, which turned out to be even more enjoyable than usually due to the hectic months we had just endured with event after event!

Our one piece of advice to other business owners, especially after this trip, is to invest in the amazing team of people who work their bottoms off for you everyday. Invest in their lives and appreciate all that they do for you. Create a memory that will last forever and that will put a smile on their faces for many years to come. As we sit in retrospect, thinking about our team laughing and having a wonderful time, we realize that we will forever remember Tahoe. Not only as an amazing time in our lives, but also for the amazing team of people that makes Syzygy what it is!


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We are Thankful!

How many people are blessed enough to say that they are doing exactly what they were born to do?

DSC_2297I don’t know the answer to this, but I do know that Vince, Shannon, Lindy and I are fortunate enough to say that it is true for us.  Not only were we born to do our job, but also we love to do it.

We are blessed with the incredible opportunity to design and create extraordinary events and experiences as well as to work with the most wonderful team of people in the industry.


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This Hectic and Crazy Time of the Year

This time of year is always pretty hectic and crazy for everyone. For us, the season started before Thanksgiving, when we started making holiday decor preparations for offices and hotels across the D.C. area. I had hoped to get our own houses in order immediately afterward thinking we would then be able to enjoy ourselves after coming home from endless days of decorating other places.

decorcloseupNot this year. Not by any stretch of my imagination! With each passing day the stress of not decorating our own homes grew, but after endless trips to our wholesalers for supplies, decorating every building on our list, and working on proposals for Inaugural events till midnight (yes, this is an Inaugural year), we had little time to work on our own homes.


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