How To Decorate for New Year’s Eve

We loved starting today by joining the women of Let’s Talk Live with a few tips on how to decorate for your New Year’s Eve Party. For today’s set up we were inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 “Marsala.”

It’s a beautiful deep wine tone that pairs so well with rose gold and strawberry ice!
In case you missed the segment here is a recap of Julie’s Tips:

1. You can quickly dress up a room by changing the drapes. Get some festive fabric and put a quick seem in using iron on hem tape.
2. Balloons with tassel strings are a really fun way to fill up the space quickly and bring in some complimentary colors.
3. Flowers on your table are another great way to tie in your color palette. We are all obsessed with these Marsala colored peonies!
4. New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for a few champagne cocktails. Offer your guests a few simple cocktails they can make themselves. For the guys a few options for whiskey is a great addition to your beer and wine.
5. Finally end the night by sending guests on their way with a donut and coffee. Even if they don’t eat them that night they will love them in the morning!

All of our shopping was done in the DMV! You can recreate this look just a few steps outside your door…
Glassware – Crate & Barrel and Home Goods
Table Accents – Crate & Barrel and Anthropology
Champagne & Whiskey – ACE Beverage
Flowers – Edge Flowers
Donuts – Astro Donuts

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Ceramiche d’Arte by Pasquale Sorrentino

With so much to experience in Italy it was hard not to want to bring inspiration back with us to add to our next events!  We had the opportunity to take a day trip to the town of Ravello where we visited Pasquale Sorrentino’s ceramic shop.  Pasquale has been in business for over 30 years and currently manages a team of 60 designers.  All of the pieces are hand crafted and can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to paint.  His list of clients have included Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Richie Sambora & Bruce Springsteen to name a few.

As soon as you enter the shop you are stuck by the vibrant colors and patterns.  Whether you chose to mix patterns between place settings or stay with one the attention to detail and creativity were breathtaking.   It seemed perfectly Italian that these pieces of art were so functional and could be used for any meal.  When we spoke with Pasquale he stressed that we should use them every day and not just place them on a shelf  – embracing “La Dolce Vita!”

Standing in Sorrentino’s shop and admiring his work it resonated with us how much the details matter and that craftsmanship is king.  We left inspired to deliver a level of design and production that conveys how much we appriciate each opportunity that we have to work with our clients.

Lime Green and Black Hand painted Wall Piece Neutral

Ceramiche d’Arte by Pasquale Sorrentino

Via Roma, 22, Ravello Salerno, Italy
+39 089 858576

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Food Trucks!

Food Trucks are one of those trends that has stayed popular for quite a while.  When it started we had no idea we’d fall so in love with Food Truck Design.  I definitely helps that the food truck community keeps raising the bar in design and experience!

“Food should be fun.”  Thomas Keller

For as long as we can remember Food Trucks have represented one of the most fun food experiences.  Remember the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile? They are small spaces that pack a big punch for your senses. We always have a good time when we bring Food Truck Facades to an event. We are hoping to find some adventurous clients this year that will let us remake the look of our trucks to something a little more playful.  Check out our Pinterest Board for some of the best Inspiration!

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